Our Party Characters

The Snow QueenWill travel from the icy forest to make your child’s event perfect.

The Snow PrincessLoves chocolate but loves coronation day even more!

Rapunzel will come and let her hair down at your place

The Voyager PrincessFind out how far she’ll go to make sure everyone has fun!

Beauty will leave the Beast behind in France to attend your party

Mermaid princesswill come and make a splash

CinderellaOur Classic princess will make sure everyone has a ball…just make sure she doesn’t leave anything behind!

Snow WhiteWill pop past while she’s waiting for her prince!

AuroraShe’s been asleep for a hundred years and now she’s ready to party!

Spidermanwill weave a web of fun and action-packed activities

PirateWill take your guests on a journey of the seven seas!

Our characters can be booked individually or in any combination of pairs that you’d like – Spiderman loves escorting a princess!